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  • Recently went in for my annual exam and upon examination. During the pelvic exam there was alot of discomfort and gyn felt fibroid, sent me in for a vag sonogram. During the vaginal sono it was noted that I had a small cyst and a fibroid, gyn then ordered a CT scan and CA125. CA125 came back within normal limits. Results from the CT scan show: possible cervical carcinoma, size 5 X 4 cm. I then when in to see gyn to review results. She spent hour assuring me that she did not agree with the CT results because: 1. Normal Pap 2 weeks prior 2. No symptoms 3. Vag scan is absolutely clear in the same area that CT scan shows mass. Gyn has referred me to an GYNOC for further evaluation. I am very confused and dealing with many mixed emotions right now. My question is has anyone every dealt with something similar to this?
  • 08-28 -2009
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