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  • Hi, On june 19 2009 I went to see the gyn because I was very heavy bleeding. He did a exam,bloodwork and a papsmear. The fist week I received a call from the doctor saying that my hemoglobin was a 7.1 and my papsmear showed alot of precancerous cells and my uterus was enlarged. So he wanted me to come into his office for further testing. He tried to get biopsy\^s of my cervix but Iwas bleeding so bad he decided that I should go to the hospital. On July 23 I went to the hospital and by that time my hemoglobin was at 5. So I was amitted and received 5 units of blood while they did further testing. I had ultrasounds,catscans, and a d/c. Then on July 27, my gyn came into my hospital room with an onocologist and I was told I had a tumor the size of a softball and they needed to do an erratically hysterectomy. on July 28 I had exploratory surgery to see if the cancer spread and the doctor said it did\^t So on July30 I had a hysterectomy. August 13 I went back to the doctor for the results of my pathology report and was told it was stage 1b. My onocologist wants me to see a radiologist to see if he thinks i should receive radiation treatments. But just hearing the news that it was caught at stage 1 was hopeful news to me
  • 08-27 -2009
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