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  • hi everyone, i am so proud of all of you. i am 18 years old and i was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma two days ago. Iam very scared because i was diagnosed with HPV only 6 months ago and i already have cancer. I had mono two years ago and because of that my immune system hasnt been at its best. i recently heard that if you are young, are on birth control and have a weak immune system the cancer can come on more fast. I am hoping it does not develop any more before my surgery. As of now i am scheduled for surgery in september. i do not want to die and i am nervous about whether i will be able to have children or not. i feel like i dont want to go anywhere or do anything, how do i go about life normally when my life isnt normal anymore. My doctor said that as of right now it has not penetrated my body, but if it has developed so quickly could it have deepened into my body?
    God bless
  • 08-20 -2009
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