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  • Dear Cynthia

    Thank you dearly for replying back to my story. I\^ve been so shaking up about it. I don\^t really have anyone to talk too about the situation other than my boyfriend and he is the biggest support line in my life over anything. I guess my biggest fear of this whole thing is not being able too have any children. I know that it needs too be taken care of and the doctor told me that i have cancer on the lining of my cervix and that this surgery is ment too help take out that lining but what exactly does that mean by \"helping\". is it going to take all the cancer away? am i still going to be hpv positive and will the cancer come back? will i be able too carry a child? i have so many questions but no one is telling me what i need to do.
  • 07-31 -2009
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