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  • Dear Casey,

    It is so important for you to be your own advocate and research your condition. I speak from experience. In general before going in for any surgery, I always recommend getting a second Doctor opinion. THrough my own research the folowing is what I found; severe dysplasia (CIN III), also called carcinoma-in-situ, the entire thickness of cells is abnormal, but the abnormal cells have not yet spread below the surface or basement membrane. Carcinoma-in-situ literally means \"cancer in place\". This severity of dysplasia MUST BE TREATED because it will most often develop into invasive cancer. I was diagnosed with carcinoma in-situ (pre-cancer)and originally had the cone biopsy where they remove a cone shape tissue from the cervix. Since I knew I was finished having children at 38yrs old, as a precaution i had the partial hysterectomy leaving my ovaries and now I am HPV negative. The leep in the least evasive method of removal. Unfortunatley you will need to stay on top of this in the future and get tested frequently. Don\^t get yourself all worked up;there are so many surgical options if necessary. As much as the medical world knows about hpv, there is still SO MUCH TO BE LEARNED. Try to find the right Dr. so that you are comfortable. It may mean trying out a few,i did. FYI, after delivering my third child, my Dr. decided to retire. The new Dr. who discovered my in-situ, was very alarming and did\^nt quite understand the situation completely and made me feel extremely scared to the point of crying hysterically. I was lucky enough to still be able to contact my retired Dr. who immediately made me feel at ease and explained it thoroughly to me. With a huge sense of relief I quickly calmed down. Worrying will cause stress and your body can do without it. Good luck! Keep me posted. Please feel free at any time to ask me anything.
  • 07-28 -2009
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