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  • I am 18 years old and I went in for my first papsmear just recently, they notice abnormal things on my cervix so they did a biopsy and it came back CIN 3. I am schedule for a leep surgery in a couple weeks and I\^m very nervous. I have so many questions for the doctor but I get so emotional during the convosations of talking to them I cannot seem to get the words out. I\^m terrified that this is going to affect my chances of having kids. Am i wrong or right? I have an ill mother who has fought COPD for a long time now and she is making it through so strong, but at this point I do not feel strong enough and i pray everyday that everything is going to be okay. is it really going to be okay? after the leep surgery am i going to have to go back for a full hysterectomy? please someone who has been in my situation please help me find the answers.
  • 07-26 -2009
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