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  • Well let me start by sayn i am 23 years old. During my pregnancy i had a colposcopy and a biopsy done. I was told i have HPV and CIN3. They said nothing could be done until after i gave birth, so we waited. Well i gave birth 3 months ago. At my 6 weeks appt i had my pap, and of course it came back abnormal. So last thursday(july 23rd) i had my colposcopy and biopsy, he did 5 biopsys. I was on that table for about an hour waitn for him to stop the bleeding. It was so painful i just wanted to cry. My follow up appt is not till aug 3rd I think i am goin to go crazy just waiting. My question is cance CIN3 get better on its own or does it eventually leas to cancer?
  • 07-25 -2009
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