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  • Last October I shared my story with you. At the time I had the cone biopsy to remove andenocarcenoma-insitu of the cervix and thought I could put everything behind me once the surgery was done. I was flawed when I went for my 4 week check up with my oncologist to find out that she was ready to schedule my next surgery , a hysterectomy. Prior to the cone, she knew we were done having children(3) and why didn\^t she tell me that I would need the hysterectomy soon after having the cone? I would have avoided two surgeries and anesthesia with in months of each other. I consulted with my old time well trusted Gyn and he too recommended the hysterctomy. Their reason was that cancer can go undetected in the uterus.

    So it\^s been 6 months since my hysterectomy, and at my check up, my pap came back negative for HPV. However I have A-typical squamous cells and my Dr. said we will need to do a repeat pap in 4-6 months. When i google this, it automatically brings me to cervical cancer websites. But since i don\^t have a cervix or a uterus anymore, what does this mean? My Dr. doesn\^t seem too concerned since he is telling me he\^ll see me in few months. Has anyone experienced these results and if so what was the outcome?
  • 07-18 -2009
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