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  • my name is kim and my story starts in 2001 i was 26 at the time i was getting paps done i was going to plan parent hood and they were not normal and they could not give me a answer so this went on for two years and god kept telling me go to another doctor. so i did he saved my life he found the hpv which i had no clue what that was . i was born in 75 we were not taught about hpv. i had to learn the hard way. i had surgery were they removed a big chunk of my cervix.i had a problem with the surgery and almost died. along story short i\^m alive women need to know about this get tested every year. we need to speak out i was scared of what people would think of me . no more we have a voice we need to yell at the top of our lungs. your story can and will save a young girls life. i\^m here and i live to tell and yell we are one sisters tell youngs girls to get tested.
  • 07-11 -2009
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