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  • My name is Lisa Burdette. I am 35 years old and was diagnosed with small cell cervical carcinoma in May 09. I have two beautiful daughters that are ages 3 and 6. My story is not unlike many of the stories I have read. I am currently surviving 5 days of chemo and radiation each week. As everyone knows that is no fun. What everyone does not know is how \"I\" feel. Although we are all having similar side effects, treatments, and diagnosis-we are each having our own feelings, reactions, fears, hopes, and experiences on our personal journey with cancer. I am a Christian who believes in God and His power, but at the same time my faith has been challenged to what I sometimes feel is the limit. Sometimes I feel God carrying me through this and sometimes I am shouting \"where are you?\" My emotions range from peaceful to rage at this disease within minutes. Before I was diagnosed I worked as a clinical social worker doing therapy with kids that are in foster care. I loved my job on most days because I felt I was living and serving the purpose that God had for my life. Now I wonder so often, \"what is the purpose of this horrible thing they call cancer?\" I know God has a reason for each day of our lives. Sometimes that comforts me and sometimes I am mad. I do not want to just \"survive\" I want to \"live\" each moment without feeling like I am going to throw up. I want to be there for my children and other children that need the skills that God has given me. This site has helped me focus on living again. At times I just need a reminder that God is always here, my family and friends are always here, and although we have our own experiences with this there are others who I have never even met that can lift me up and I can help lift them up. Thanks for the support.
  • 07-07 -2009
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