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  • In February 2008 I had a radical hysterectomy to remove a tumor located between my cervix and uterus. The doctor also removed 20 lymphnodes from my left leg groin area and 17 on the right. Now I have lymphedema in both legs (it started developing in May 2008)--the left leg more troublesome. I am currently being treated with antibiotics as I developed in infection in my left leg. Apparently when you have lymphedema you are more susceptible to infections. A simple daily act of shaving your legs can trigger an infection. Does anyone else have a story of lymphedema? I have been told there really isn\^t any treatment other than doing physical therapy that involves massage, exercises that stimulate the movement of fluid in your legs, ankles and feet, and compression (wearing compression hose). I have done all and it does bring some momentary relief. It is a \"mechanical\" issue,not treatable with diuretics, and that involves the tissues because your missing lymph nodes make it difficult to process the fluid that naturally flows down your legs--thus swelling. I understand that women who have had mascetomies also suffer from lymphedema in their arms. Unfortunately there is the added irritation for your legs because you are putting your weight on them all day. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing lymphedema and what you are doing to ease the distress of it?
  • 06-18 -2009
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