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  • Here is my story i been reading your stories for over a year and i thing its time for me to tell mine and hopefuly you can help me out and maybe i can help you first pap was may 2000 i was 16 and pergnant with my first child my pap came back abnormal doctor just told me sometimes it happen whan your pergnant so i though nothing of it six week check up march 2001 abnormal again i was told to came back in 6 months i didn,t go because i didn,t thing nothing of it i was pergnant with baby number 2 had a pap june 2002 abnormal again.... again i was told it happens i never went to my six week check up got pergnant again with twins 8 weeks along losted one of the babies and they did a pap and abnormal again and they told me we will do more test whan to baby is born and there nothing to worry about so on i never went back had to much going on with 3 kids and a break up well than i meet the love of my life got pernant and had a pap nov of 2006 came back abnormal high grade and for the frist time i heard of hpv they told me i had hpv high risk and they wanted me to come in at my 6 week check up after the baby was born for biopsies that was the frist time it all scared after the baby was born we need a bigger place so we movied out of state so i missed my six week check up ... so i find a doctor told him what the other doctors wanted to do and i find out that day i was pergnant with number five that was a wow so he just did a pap that came back high grade again so after the baby was born i had the biopsies and the biopsies came back high grade and they wanted to do the cone and at the time my grandma was passing away so i movied back home so months went by and i seen the doctors two months go they did the leep came back low grade and they want me back this week for a check up went from high grade to low grade on my own how i don,t know but i wish i know more
  • 06-13 -2009
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