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  • Hi. My name is Sara and I was diagnosed with CIN 2 in September 2008. I went in for my very first pap smear, as I was only 19 and had never had one before. It came back abnormal; it was high grade epithelial lesions on the cervix. I was never scared until I had to do the treatments. My parents and friends live in AZ and I am in ID, so needless to say I had no one to help me through this. The biopsies, the cryo,...the radiation or LEEP are my next options. I am still very scared,...but I know there are many women out there who are doing the same thing and some are dying because they dont even know. I\^ve lost 18 pounds so far, and I just laugh about it because I\^ve always been a little big so I guess that\^s the plus side. I have 2 nephews, 3 and 2 and a 7 month old niece that keep my spirits up pretty high. My parents are very supportive and I have the best friends in the world. I will be 21 in October, and I am so looking forward to celebrating it. My doctor told me that she sees about 4 women a day with HPV. She also told me that men usually dont have signs or symptoms, they dont have to go through anything that we women do. Then she told me \"It\^s too bad that it doesnt just fall off.\" lol. I had no idea about HPV, I didnt even know it was an STD. I only had sex with 2 men in my entire life, but I found out the one partner I had, his ex girlfriend had cervical cancer. I dont know if he knew about it or not, and I was pretty mad about it. But it was my fault too. This is hopefully something that wont last my entire life, but it\^s gonna be a pain for a while. I dont know if this has an effect on the rest of the body, but my kidneys arent filtering right and their function levels are down, according to my labs. That\^s the plus side about my resulting, Im a phlebotomist so I get to see my results pretty quick from work. You women are such an inspiration for me to suck it up and fight it, because there are so many more who are worse off than me and they\^re living like never before. It really gives me motivation to fight too and fight for those who cant. The stories are so touching,...I actually cried on some of them. Thank you for the inspiration.
  • 06-04 -2009
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