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  • Hi! I am a mother, an RN, a cancer survivor, and hopefully a cancer survivor again! In 2006, during my senior year of nursing school, I went to the health dept. for a pap test. I was having bleeding with intercourse and pelvic pain and wanted to find out what was going on. The NP who did the exam said my cervix looked like someone scraped the entire thing on the concrete. Being in nursing school, not too much emphasis was placed on specific symptoms of cancers. Anyway, the test came back normal but felt very uneasy with the result. I called my regular OB, whom delivered my 2 year old daughter, and told him my concerns. I have the greatest OB in the world! He told me not to worry about the cost since I didn\^t have insurance and come in for a recheck. During the recheck, he gave me some antibiotics, said to try having sex again to see if I still had pain, and to come back in in a couple of weeks. At my follow up appointment, I found out the results came back as a very high grade of abnormality and I found out I was pregnant! This is where I met my GynOnc. We talked about terminating the pregnancy but I also knew that this would probably be my last child. I continued the pregnancy and delivered my son in November of 2006. Four weeks later, I graduated with my Bachelor\^s degree in Nursing and three weeks after that, I had an abdominal trachelectomy. After the trachelectomy, the nodes tested clear but there was positive lymph space testing. Everything has been clear up to about a month ago. I started having severe pelvic pain. I went to see my Oncologist and he said it was probably a pulled muscle but wanted to get a CT anyway. The CT showed enlarged illiac, inguinal, pelvic, and paraaortic lymph nodes and enlarged ovaries. I then went for a PET scan which showed high levels of uptake in the same lymph nodes and my ovaries. I am scheduled for surgery on June 15th, and depending on what is found, he is going to remove everything and place medal rods in for radiation.

    Hopefully everything will turn out okay but if it is back, I know I\^ll be okay. I beat it once - I can again! I wanted to wish everyone on here the best of luck with everything and thanks for sharing your stories.
  • 06-01 -2009
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