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  • Hello everyone, its been both heartwrenching and enlightening to read the stories posted here. I am a registered nurse in labor and delivery. I would first like to reply to Jackie\^s May 27th post. This is absolutely not medical advice, but just an assumption from having checked cervixes on a daily basis. I would believe the \"patch\" that your health care provider is referring to is scar tissue related to the laser surgery performed. I have checked many cervixes during labor, of women who have undergone various cervical procedures. I believe it is what we call banding, a very obvious scar tissue noted upon the cervix. As long as your PAP is coming back clear, please don\^t worry yourself dear! I came upon this site after an abnormal PAP of a high grade lesion. I think it is just a woman\^s worst news to hear about anything wrong in that area...especially when you are like me, two months away from your wedding and have yet to have a child. Now, I can\^t believe thinking of this and being so selfish after hearing all these stories. Ladies, you are truly amazing for what you have went through. I am so glad that they\^re are sites like this, for people that know exactly what you\^re all going through. Its so underwhelming to see how brushed over cervical cancer awareness is, until you have the fear of diagnosis. I should have a diagnosis in a couple of weeks, and no matter what it is, I consider myself more aware and greatful to have heard your stories.
  • 05-28 -2009
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