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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • My cancer journey started in 2001. I knew something was wrong, so I went to my primary care Dr. He checked me out and said I was fine. I went back a couple months later. \"Something is wrong I told him\". He did a pap smear and sent me off. The results came back abnormal. He said \" don\^t worry it\^s not cancer, come back in three months\". A month later I went inand asked to be referred to a gynocologist. She took one look at my cervix and said \" oh dear\" Not something you want to hear from your Dr. She did a biopsy immediatly. It came back as cancer. I was sent across the hall to a Gynocological oncologist and was schedualed for a radical hysterectomy the next week. I was at stage 2b.The surgery went well and I was on my way to recovery. About six months later I started having alot of pelvic pain.Unltrasound showed large complex cysts on both ovaties. So back in the operating room I went. When the Dr opened me up, my abdomen was full of blood. The ovaries had attached to the large blood vessels in my pelvis. The right side vessel had a tear and was bleeding.As my Dr tryed to remove the ovary the vessel torn open more and I started to bleed out. Fortunatly there was a vascular sugeon in the next operating room. She came over and saved the day. That day I got a blood transfusion. He removed the ovaries as best as he could. In 2 weeks I was back in the hospital with an infection. A few months later Iwas back in again thinking I had a kisney infection. Cat scan showed a mass onbstructing the right ureter, causing hydronephrosis and infection. A stent was placed into the ureter. Very very painful.In a couple of more months the left side developed a mass and obstruction. So back in to get a stent on that side. I was in constant severe pain for months. The ureologist finally decided the best thing to do was go back in and remove the ovarian masses. After an 8 hour surgery and removal of alot of my urinay tract and masses I was on the road to recovery AGAIN. I still have ocasional pain from cycst growing in the pelvis but not to bad... I decided I needed a body, mind, and spirit healing. I learned Reiki and became a Reiki master/ Teacher. I now offer Reiki sessions and classes for donations which I give to help women with cancer.
  • 05-20 -2009
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