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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Well my journey started in late March 2009. I went to the Dr. for a yearly PAP and it came back FINE, all except for positive HPV. Due to the HPV result the Dr did a colposcopy and visually saw a small lesion on the cervix. Diagnosis came almost 2 weeks later. I had totally forgotten about it and assumed as usual I was healthy as ever. The Diagnosis was Adenocarcinoma, stage 1b1. That was the worst day of this whole thing. I was scheduled with a local Dr. who arranged to see me in 2 weeks, NO THANKS. I made some calls to the local university and got an expert who saw me in 2 days. He recommended and performed a Robotic Hyesterectomy within a week with ovarian transposition using the DaVinci robot (I had three doctors that day!). All went well, surgery was easy enough besides the emotional stress and family hovering, recovery was slow but good due to my having the best husband in the world who waited on my 24/7. GET A BELLY BAND! If you are getting out of bed shortly after surgery it makes ALL the difference and holds you firm so those stitches dont hurt so bad. Two weeks after surgery Pathology came back, no cancer in 27 lymph nodes! No mestasis or apparent spread, tumor the size of a bullet was removed and Dr. declares me \"healed\". What a blessing! Still taking it slow, glad for God\^s grace and healing me. I want to send my love and support to all you out there. I feel like the last month has been a dream. It goes by so fast, Every Day is a blessing, stay strong and positive. YOU WILL BEAT THIS TOO!
  • 05-15 -2009
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