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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Well this is an update from a post made a couple days ago. I went to the doctor today for my results from my conization. They said they removed all of the cancer sucessfully during the surgery! Praise the Lord, so I dont go back until August.

    I feel very blessed to be able to type this right now, I am so thankful. My friend passed away in 2007 from this horrible cancer at the age of 25. And my mother also was diagnosed with it at age 21, and got a radical hysterectomy. I have so many woman in my life that have been affected by cervical cancer in one way or another.

    And the world needs to know that in it\^s early stages there are NO SYMPTOMS!!!!!! GET A PAPSMEAR YEARLY!!! It has seriously saved my life. I never would have thought that a papsmear would have been my life saver.
  • 05-03 -2009
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