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    I am 29 years old, married for 11 years, 2 children ages 10 & 7. I was devastated to go for my yearly papsmear Sept. 2008 to find out it came back abnormal (high grade lesion) & HPV+. The Dr. in California called me to give me my results over the phone. She said during the pap that I had alot of inflammation and prescribed me an antibiotic (which was usual) and another strange thing I noticed was all the tools she was using were bloody. My husband had recently joined the army and was away at basic training. I had NEVER had an abnormal papsmear and have been in a monogamous relationship since I was 17 years old.

    She informed me that I needed to get a colposcopy which I opted to wait until we were relocated which I got done in February 2009 now that we are moved to Tennessee. I got it done and it was quite painful. I started researching cervical cancer and realized I had most of the signs. I had spotting in between my periods, for the last 7 years since my daughter was born I had recurrent bacterial infections, with a watery discharge that would smell bad. I would go to the doctor for it and they would give me antibiotics everytime, sex was a little painful but not enough to keep from doing it. I guess I am writing this to let woman know that it can happen to anyone. I wish with the bacterial infections that I would have pushed the Doctors to look more into why I was getting them all the time. But since my paps came back normal I never really worried. Well my colposcopy results came back, they reffered to the cervix opening as a clock. They biopsied at 12 o\^clock & 7 o\^clock. My gynecologist informed me that 12 o\^clock was severe dysplasia, and that for 7 o\^clock the pathologist actually called him which he said was a red flag. So, for 7 o\^clock he had to send me to a gynecologist-oncologist.
    So I went to the gyn-onc and he used the colposcope and examined me, but luckiy did not biopsy again which I was very thankful for. :) And told me that he was going to perform a carbon dioxide laser conization. Which on April 9th, 2009 I got done. They put me to sleep and it was an outpatient surgery. The pain was just mild cramping the next few days, and it is now May 1st and just a few days ago the bleeding from the procedure subsided. FINALLY!! I go back May 4th to get the results from the biopsy of the conization, so I will update you with the results. DONT THINK IT CANT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!
  • 04-30 -2009
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