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  • Hello community, this will be my 2nd or 3rd time writing in. I appreciate reading the stories about everyone\^s individual journeys, so thank you. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 35, in Oct 2007 and had surgery to treat it in Dec. 2007. Considering the early stage of the cancer,after a huge amount of research and second opinions, I opted not to have a hysterectomy.The major reason being that I have no children and in the recent years before my diagnosis I had just began seriously considering motherhood. So far no kids, but all my follow-ups since the surgery have been clear of cancer.

    The greatest challenge for me this past year has been more mental than physical.It is odd because right after my diagnosis and surgery I kept going on because I was one semester away from my college graduation. I was determined to finish no matter what, and I did. Once I reached that goal is when I began to really deal with all the fears and emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. I remain confident in the choice I made for me and know whatever comes I can say I had the final decisions having to do with my health. But that doesnt mean I don\^t have that voice in the back of my head whispering \"what if it comes back\", \"what if the screenings are missing something\". I have a pretty conservative Gyn. who expresses his fears to me every three months when I visit for my follow-ups, this last visit he told me I was his first patient who had opted against a hysterectomy and continued on so well. I appreciate all his concerns and I hope I can be a positive story for him to tell future patients 5 and 10 years down the line. To all of you dealing with this in one way or another I send my prayers and hopes for strength, warmth and love to get you through this journey. Teresa
  • 04-27 -2009
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