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  • To Melissa, Jeana and all the others waiting for results or surgery or just having a hard time. How is everyone doing? I just submitted my story last week. I really focused on the negatives because I really wanted women with dysplasia or HPV to stay on top of things before it got away from them. But after reading a few stories I realize that it could have so much worse and my heart aches for so many of you that have suffered more. The two stories that come to mind are Melissa and Jeana. I hope you are both doing OK. Melissa I would love to read your orinigal story. Do you recall when you posted it? In response to questions regarding symptoms and did we have any. I went to the GYN for an abundant amount of clear, odorless drainage that was just becoming annoying. I actually put off going for months because I thought it wasnt an infection because it was clear and odorless. The fact is that when you experience anything new or uncharacteristic for you it should probably send up a red flag. I did recall occasional painful intercourse but I attributed that to nerves or size. But besides those two signs and symptoms I cannot recall any others. Good luck to all of you. Please share updates. Thanks Shelly
  • 04-27 -2009
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