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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 30 years old, and on Wednesday April 15, 2009 I had a cervical cone performed for the second time. It was no big deal, I\^ve had it done before. So much to my surprise on April 23 I received a phone call from my gynocologist telling me that the biopsy has found cancer, and I must have a radical hysterectomy.
    I was ok with this, my mother is a breast cancer survivor, and my grandmother died of cancer, so I had come to terms many years ago that I will probably get cancer, I just didnt expect it to be cervical. Also in 2000 when I gave birth to my son (first and last pregnancy) I had \"post partum cardio myopathy with congestive heart failure\" so we were done having children unfortunately. Therfore the hysterectomy really no big deal for me.
    In fact I am so ok with this that I have decided to call it Cervical Bunnies because \"cancer\" is such a scary word for many, and \"Bunnies\" is not :)
    My doctor informed me that they were \"closed Friday, so the secretary would call monday to set up an appointment to discuss the findings etc\".
    The office called today (April 27) to set up the appointment. She informed me that my doctor wanted me to come in NEXT WEEK!!!
    I asked her if we could make it sooner considering I was diagnosed with cancer and I have many questions. So my appointment is now Wednesday April 29th.
    Being diagnosed is surprising to me, but i have a great support group/family to help me through this, I told my 9 year old son who dosent get it, and is only sad that mommy will be in a hosptial for a night or 2, but cheered up with a very enthusiastic \"Yes!\" when I told him he would be having a sleepover at nanas and papas.
    My 13 year old step daughter was a little nervouse, until I assured her that this cancer isnt too big of a deal.
    Now I am just a little concerned with the end issues. After the hysterectomy what will happen. Radiation? Chemo? I dont really know, and that is making my a bit upset. I saw what my mother went through during chemo, and that is a visual image that I will never forget, and I dont want my children to have to deal with or remember that when they grow old.
    I guess I will find out soon, and i realize that I am now rambling, so thank you to all who have listened to my rambles, and i guess if anyone is interesed I will give an update after my appointment Wednesday.
  • 04-26 -2009
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