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  • In september of 2008 I went in to have a routine pap test done but just two weeks later they called to tell me it was abnormal and to come in for a biopsy. After the biopsy I was diagnosed with CIN II and HPV. I had an extremely aggressive form so my only choice was to have the laser surgery done so they could be sure to remove all of the large spot. Since then ive had the surgery plus one clean pap test. My life has changed. Im only 20 years old and now have dealt with something none of my college friends have. However I do now see myself as somewhat of an advocate, I tell anyone and everyone what HPV is so there will stop being so many rumors. Ive lost alot of potential boyfriends because of me technically having an STD and I wont tell you that its been easy. Somedays I wonder why this all had to happen but im kinda glad it did. I stay strong and although im tempted to just keep this all a secret I want to make sure what happened to me does not happen to any of my friends. Thanks to NCCC im going to try to set up a free pap test day in my area along with a fundraiser at my private college. Here hoping for the best in the future...
  • 04-21 -2009
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