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  • Hello, this is probally one of the hardest thing I have done. I am 34 years old and have been cancer free since I was 18. I have never sat and wrote my story cause I always thought I was just another survivor and no one wanted to hear my story. But here it goes. Back in June of 1992, 1 day before I graduated High School I got a phone call. My very 1st pap, and the results were in. I had insitetocarsanoma (cervical cancer). I was so devestated. I was so excited about my graduation and Finding out I had cancer devisated me more than I could imagaine. I no longer was focused on my graduation, I was focused on if I was going to make it through this. Well as you all can tell here I still am. When they first told me, Along came all the devestateing news, That I may not be able to have kids and that I may have to have a historecotomy you know the cancer lingo. All of you who have gone throught this know what I am talking about. Well To make this long story short I had to have the (coneseation), which back then was the big procedure that most woment had. Lucky as I was I did not have to have radiation or chemo. God sure looked out for me. When they finished the surgery they informed my mom that they did not think they had got it all. DAMN> what were they going to hit me with next? Well thank the lord above that they did. I do want to tell anyone out there that is scared, Don\^t be. Having cancer is scary! YES it is! But conquer it. Don\^t let it take control of you, YOu take control of it. After Finding out that I was sick I will say that I did make myself much sicker, I refused to eat and lost alot of weight. When someone finds out about his disease it hits you like a ton of bricks. I always had the attitude that \"It will never happen to me\". Please don\^t be like that cause it can happen to any and every woman out there. Just to add one more thing, I was one of the yongest patitents in Virginia to ever be diagonesed with cervical cancer. I am cancer free as long as I know. It has been 3 years since I have had a check up. I am to afaird to go back now that it has been so long. I will let you ladies in on a secret. I have 2 beautiful boys. One of them was born on year exactly after being diagnosed. See I showed them I could have kids. LOL. Anyway I love talking about what I have gone thought but did not know who to turn to tell my story to. I have made it this long and so can you. Stay strong and have faith.
  • 04-13 -2009
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