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  • hi its me again just reporting back here ... had another 3 month check today everything is still ok and clear ... THANKGOD ... i am now trying to move on with my life and back in full time work which is really helping and im feeling so much happier in myself .. i am moving on with my life but soon as my 3 month check is due it kinda knocks me back and its scarey always thinking the what if .. and in england we have had jade die of cervical cancer so so sad really my heart goes out to her little boys and all her family :(
    i couldnt watch jades stroy but she was in the media all over so i couldnt escape this and finally followed her stroy .
    i am hoping to take part in race for life on june the 11th for cancer research and getting alot of support with friends on that i am actually really looking forward to it because it\^s for a very good cause .. my life has changed so much and im loving it every single day still i continue to thank god for my good days and my bad days .. to all u ladies life really does move on after having cancer and in a good way .. takes time and we might have set backs sometimes but as u know it does more mentally then physically but it really does get better .. my heart is with all of you and i keep looking on this site and reading ur stroys ... god bless u all ..angela x
  • 04-07 -2009
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