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  • It is a relief to see this site...I am really worried as at the age of 15 I had warts which I now have discovered to be HPV virus anyway I had these lasered around 15 years ago.
    For about the past 5 years I have been having yearly smear tests usually the first result shows slightly abnormal then a second smear result has come back normal every year, however in January 09 Rather than the usual repeat smear I was advised to have a colposcopy on 2 april. This showed up a patch of white abnormal area on the screen so the doctor opted to take a sample for biopsy at the same time, I found the local anaethetic difficult my heart beat rose dramatically and I couldnt stop shaking, felt like I was going to pass out.
    Now I have to wait for the results and im a single mum of 3 childen and the idea of having to wait for a couple of weeks is awful!
    Does anybody know if an earlier infection with wart virus is likely to have much impact on my current tests?
  • 04-02 -2009
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