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  • Hey everyone. Mine started 03/2008. I went for my yearly pap(thank goodness) and the day after my bday they called an told me they had found abnormal cells and needed to come in. They had found that I had stage 4 cancerous cells.. I was sooo scared!!.. I was 27 and couldn\^t believe it!.. so they did a biospy which was horrible to confirm is was cancerous cells.. then they scheduled a LEEP procedure a month later. I went through that and had my exams 3months,6 months etc. It\^s been a yr now an recently had a pap done and still good!! Those yearly exams are something you need to do. I didn\^t think it could happen to me but it did!! now all i need to worry about is if I ever get preggers again i may need them to sow the cervix cause of the surgery. Take care everyone and plz make sure you get your yrly exams!!!!
  • 04-01 -2009
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