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  • hi, everyone!i sent an update on my story probably 3 weeks ago and last wednesday I had my LEEP procedure done. I am overly conscious of what i feel maybe even too paranoid about feeling pain. but really, i think the procedure went well. only felt cramps the day i had the procedure but after that no pain or bleeding or discharges. i am right now anxiously waiting for the results of the biopsy. the wait is nerve-wracking. i just recently asked my sister\^s friend / psychiatrist to prescribe an antidepressant for me. i work as a director of nursing for a long term care facility and i cannot concentrate. i felt that it was an injustice to my patients not being able to give my 100% attention and i felt that i have to be strong for my nurses or my department will crumble. i think the antidepressant did wonders because i cry lesser now and able to look at the whole perspective of the situation. good or bad the result maybe, all i know is i will fight it for as long as i could. i have 2 beautiful teenagers who need me and i owe it to them to be strong and face this fight courageously. Thanks ms. donna for acknowledging my message. you give me such hope and inspiration. and you are right ms. jeana that we don\^t take for granted everyday and make sure we make the people we love know how much we love them.i spend as much time as i could with my kids and savoring every minute of it. i talk to them and try and hope that they will remeber the things i want them to remember when they grow older. every morning i thank god that i am a day older. good luck to all of us. thanks for the the inspiration your messages are giving me.
  • 03-30 -2009
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