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  • First i have to say, i can\^t beleive on how many people who have this and how common this is. omg, I\^m upset and scared. I just had to tell my 14 year old daughter and have yet to tell my 12 year boy that I have the hpv virus. I go in 1 1/2 weeks for the more intense pap. I\^m turning 40 this year and have been faithful on going to my dr.s every year. This year having been told i had the virus and abnormal cells has me terrifed. Reading these stories has scared me more and also givin hope. My daughter just finished her vaccine against this. With any hope these kids will not have to go through this like many of us are . I felt that my story even though my paps always came back normal and then going to having the virus is a beganing of a story with the hope with the best outcome. God bless you all and hope for the best for each and everyone of you. My heart breaks for you all and now with myself. Thanks for sharing your stories and listening to mine. Lisa
  • 03-25 -2009
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