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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • My story began in April 2003 at the age of 34. After being told for 3 months by my OB/Gyno that I had a yeast invection, she finally gave me a pap. Clue: if you are having a watery, smelly discharge that won\^t go away it is not a yeast infection. The came back with invasive andeno-carcinoma and I was scheduled for a leep. Doing research on my own I found out that the procedure recommended was a cold knife coneization because andeno ment inside the cervix. I went to a family friend my parents age and my friend\^s dad. Even though I was embarressed to see him (a family friend), he really worked quickly. I saw a specialist and within 2 weeks had a radical hysterectomy. I had adeno carcinoma 1b1 with a tumor that was 1cm. I was told I did not need radiation but I had some risk factors like deep tumor penetration I consulted on radiation with various hosptials. I decided to go to get radiation and chemo because there are a few studies that say this helps defend your body against re-accurance. I survied a long road of radiation. For all you who are going through radiation,I know it is difficult but the effects will pass.

    Fast foward 6 years. I am cancer free. I do have a slight case of lymphedema in my leg but it is managable. I also just adopted a little girl. It was a long road but you can make it a move past it. Good luck to all your out there and remember to trust your gut and research and educate yourself.
  • 03-22 -2009
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