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  • My doctor found a cyst next to my cervix at my post-delivery check-up in Oct. It was biopsied and came back as stage 0 or carcinoma in situ. She sent me to an oncologist who performed a leep and determined just by looking that he thought it was cancer. It came back as Stage 2A cervical. they sent me in for surgery to do a radical hysterectomy in Feb. That was aborted since a lymph node came back positive and the original tumor was larger than they thought. I am now undergoing radiation therapy and low-grade chemotherapy. It is just frustrating b/c I have only one abnormal pap (with my first pregnancy) and the colposcopy was normal after that. I had a pap in Jan of 2008 when i was about a week pregnant with my second pregnancy that came back normal but showed HPV presence. They wanted to repeat the pap in 6 months but since I was pregnant decided to wait until after the pregnancy - what a mistake! I have a rare adenosquamous tumor that can grow from nothing in less than a year. This is quite rare. I am praying that this treatment will work but it is still possible I will need that hysterectomy after the radiation and chemo.
  • 03-21 -2009
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