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  • I am a 31 year old mother of four young children. I went to my ob/gyn because I was having some abnormanl bleeding. They did a pap test and scheduled a cone biopsy to remove what appeared to be just annoying polyps. My pap results came back negative for cancer but positive for HPV. My cone biopsy was done as scheduled and afterward the doctor assured my husband of 12 years that everything went well and I was fine. The very next day the doctor called my husband and told him my biopsy was not fine and I had stage 3 cervical cancer. I underwent a radical hysterectomy and lymphectomy 2 weeks ago. I will know if I have to undergo chemo and radiation next Tuesday. I am writing this because even though it is VERY important to get your annual pap test, it is equally important to follow for gut feelings. If I had not, my children may have to grow up without their mother and my wonderful husband would be a widower.
  • 03-20 -2009
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