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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • First of all i would like to give thanks and praise to the Almighty Father in Heaven,for without him i would not be here to share my experience.I am a 27 year old Belizean citizen who was diagnosed with stage 11b cervical cancer in October 2008.In my country so many people are diagnosed with different types of cancer everyday,and majority of them die because we don\^t have the finance or the medical facilities to treat cancers.I am so blessed by God,when i was told that i was to seek medical attention immediately,my doctor offered to fly me out here to L.A to get medical attention.When i arrived in L.A,the cancer had already reached stage 111,my blood count was very low and i went into renal failure.I had three different tubes inserted in my body.(1)They could not find any of my veins so i had a picc line in my left arm,which is use to draw blood and any other medication is given through that,(2)In the right side of my chest to do dialysis,(3)In the right side of my back to drain urine from the kidneys.I was on radiation and chemotherapy at the same time.I know that the Lord loves me so much i did not suffer this for long.I never stop praying,did what the doctors told me to do and i ate the right food.Now i am in perfectly good health thanks to the Lord above.My advice to those battling this or any cancer patient is to keep a positive spirit, worrying only makes the situation worst.Deliver the situation completely to God,he will heal you only if you believe.Trust in him,he did it for me and he will do it for you.Try to maintain a plant base diet,stay off the red meat as much as possible.Remember God will make a way where it seems there is no,he works in ways we cannot see.GOOD LUCK to all cancer patients and GOD BLESS!!!
  • 03-17 -2009
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