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  • I\^m so scared and don\^t know who to talk to and hope that someone can give me some answers.

    I was told I had mild to moderate dysplasia back in 2007 and was sheculed for a coloscopy. The specialist kept having to cancel and reschedule my appt. for his own reasons and because no one ever really explained to me the seriousness of dysplasia and because my doctor had said that sometimes it clears up on its own, I just let things go. Two years later I needed to have a procedure (unrelated) and had a pap done that as far as I know came back normal. That was 8 years ago and I just had my first pap yesterday since then.

    The doctor didnt notice anything unusual and aside from the symptoms that I have always had because of cysts on my ovaries, I feel fine. I am petrified of what the results might show now that I have read more and more on it and understand the seriousness of the dysplasia I had that I can only assume went away. Also, since the symptoms of ovarian cysts are so similar to those of invasive cervical cancer, I am now starting to worry that something else may be going on with me.
    Can anyone tell me if they felt anything or had any symptoms leading up to their diagnosis? Or anyone whose cancer was found in an early stage tell me if they felt anything out of the ordinary?

    Pap test results take 2 months here and I\^m going crazy and it\^s only been a couple of days!!
  • 03-06 -2009
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