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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I had a laser cone biopsy at Sloan Kettering (NYC) in January 1995 when I was 16 weeks pregnant. The procedure was brand new then. I was the first at SK to have the surgery while being pregnant. NY Hospital was on alert in case I miscarried. Thank God I delivered my beautiful boy (by c-section) in June 1995. Surgeon was as aggressive as he could have been without causing miscarriage. 2 months after the surgery the cancer had come back, but not enough to be fatal, as it had been before the surgery (prognosis was 9 months to live!). I had a second procedure in August 1995 and have been cancer free ever since.

    I went on to have two more kids - boy in 1998 and girl in 2000 - both delivered by c-section because scar tissue prevented my cervix from opening. Actually, doctors believe the scar tissue kept the babies inside!

    I am so grateful for the skill of my surgical team and the person who developed the procedure!!
  • 03-02 -2009
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