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  • hi every one .just let me start by saying that i didnt go for my smear tests when i was supposed to which has lead me having stage 2 cervical all started in dec 2007 when i noticed that my periods didnt stop at all.i went to my gp and he put it down to early menopause and prescribed hormone tablets that didnt do anything for me.i continued to see my gp and i think he was getting pissed off with me and said that i looked healthy and that my mind was working overtime.i stopped going to see him cus i thought that mabey he was right ,anyway in may of 2008 i started to get sever pain and went and saw a different doctor and she also thought that i looked too healthy for anything to be wrong with me but deep down i knew it was serious so i bombarded the surgery till someone listened to me so eventually the gp sent me for an internal and it showed something was wrong cuz i bled all over the bed .jesus i was mortified ,anyway i was sent for a hysteroscopy and sure enough they found a tumor.i was in shock.a week later they told me i had cancer .i had radiotherapy an chemo combined .i was awful sick but it had worked ,the tumor had shrank which was good news.ive just had an MRI scan and im due to get the results on friday 27th of feb .im very nervous bout the results ,i hpe and pray that ill get good news .
  • 02-25 -2009
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