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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I have tried to stay off of the internet in regards to my cancer, because it can be scary. I had cervical cancer 4 years ago, and I was so excited to make it to the 4 year mark. But over the summer I woke up with odd pain in my lower pelvic area, near my left ovary, and I told my boyfriend something was wrong with me. So off I went on the adventure of finding out what was wrong with me. I of course went to my gynecologist oncologist first, wanting to rule cancer out, and i was told in august i had a urinary tract infection. About 4 weeks later I went to my family dr. and again showed positive for a urinary tract infection. I would take my antibiotics, and would feel somewhat better, so I thought, ok, this must be it. Then it starting happening, severe pain in my back which led all the way down to my toes. I was sent to physical therapy for a bad back. but the therapists couldn\^t figure out why my leg was swelling, about 3 inches bigger than the other one. They called my dr. after weeks of therapy (and money out the window that i don\^t have) and I was scheduled for an MRI and CAT scan. During the time of waiting on my results I was in the emergency room three times for pain, and it was during the holidays, so when I called my dr. at home for pain medicine, I was informed \"that that was her home and not her office\". Well in a rural community it is her job, and taken under oathe that she accept those phone calls and i was in severe pain. My MRI and CAT scan came back and showed that I had back problems, and lots of cysts in my body, some near my ovaries. So I switched family dr.s, and made another appointment with my gyn oncologist, he ordered a PET Scan, which i couldn\^t get until after Christmas, which was about 15 days away or longer. Got the results, and low and behold I had recurrent cervical cancer. I was immediately put into treatment, like the next day, radiation and chemotherapy. The tumor was pressed against my intestines, the artery to my leg and was pressed against my nervous system in that area, the tumor had grown to 5 cm x 3cm. After the second week of treatment the tumor had shrunk, it is inoperable for some reason I don\^t understand, and I\^ve asked over and over again. But my pain is gone, my leg is normal sized and I can walk normally again. It was very frustrating that no one was listening to me, when I knew something was very wrong. I am thankful, however, that it was found, I am in treatment, and am going to John Hopkins for a second opinion in case further treatment is necessary. The only advise I could give to anyone on here is that I know how scarey and devastating it is to hear this news, but you have to keep your head up. I try to laugh as much as possible each day. I lean on other people for support, and that\^s ok, even though I am very independent. I trust that God alone will point me in the direction I need to go, and I pray continuously. I have a thirteen yr. old son that I want to see grow to be a man, and I want to enjoy being a grandmother. I was very disappointed in the beginning when I could have no more babies (i originally wanted 5), but I was blessed with one, and I was SOOOO blessed with him.
  • 02-20 -2009
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