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  • I had a friend who at the age of 27 past away 2 wks ago to cervical cancer. She had always had her pap tests but in between she got some fast moving cancer. When that happened it really scared me and opened my eyes to life and the importance of tkaing care of yourself. I am 26 yrs old- i have only had one pap test and thats was when i was 18. I made an appt and yesterday i had a pap. th edoctor said everyhting looked fine but i wont have my results back fro 2 wks. i am so afraid that i have cancer too- today i have pain in my vagina. i am not sure if its my mind but i do knwo that i am very afraid. I also have heard that you bleed in between periods and periods are never regular in late stages of cancer. mine are regular. could someone please tell me some of the symptons that the had?
  • 01-28 -2009
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