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  • I am 25 years old, and had my first abnormal Pap in July of 07. I had HPV, but it was in a very early stage according to the biopsy, and with my age they just decided to wait and see. A few Paps later was the same diagnoses. Then in June of 08, the biopsy came back much worse than they expected. I was suddenly CIN III. They decided to do a LEEP. It was successful in cutting out all the squamous cells and produced clear margins. However, when they tested the cells, I also had AIS pre-cancerous cells. My doctor informed me that for that diagnoses, they always recommend a hysterectomy. She also said I had months, not years, to try to have kids before the cancerous cells could come back. A month after that diagnoses, I lost my job and medical insurance.
    I was planning on going abroad to study for a few years before settling down with my boyfriend for another few years before we started a family. I consider myself lucky that I was already with a man I loved who would support me through anything. We are now engaged, and planning an October wedding, and starting to try to get pregnant soon after that. I still don\^t have a job, or insurance, but I will pay out of pocket to get my check ups, any way I can.
  • 01-27 -2009
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