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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was married for several years then I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb. 15oz. baby girl and three years later I gave birth to a big 11 lb. boy after my son I never went back to get my check up or pap smear again. After 10 years of marriage my husband and I divorced. Through the years I noticed some symptoms that was unpleasant like having a lot of clear discharge enough where I had to wear pads on a daily basis and no matter how products I used a not so fresh scent. I discussed it with my primary care doctor and without any exam he said it probably was a UTI and prescribed me an antibiotic then again 4 months later I brought it to his attention again he sent me to get blood work and gave me an antibiotic once again.
    When I was 32 I met someone so once we seemed to be headed toward be intimate I decided I would go to a regular gyn doctor for an exam, it had been almost 9 years since I had an exam and I was NERVOUS... The doctor came in and she was very nice talked to me she told me she would be gentle and not to be nervous so I undressed and started the exam as soon as she started I bled all over her she seemed horrified and she kept saying oh dear you have advanced cervical cancer she informed me she could not perform a pap smear my cervix was falling apart when she barely touched it she said she would collect some samples and let me know she was so appaulagetic and I was embarressed. I knew nothing about cervical cancer or anything in regards to that area of my body. Later that evening she called and said it was cancer and asked if she could have a gyn oncologist contact me so the next day they did and made an appointment. My ex husband went with me we went to Texas Oncology and met with the doctor he did an exam and said he could see the tumor and said I had to have a radical hysterectomy and drew a picture for my ex husband and showed him what he had to take out he explained I would need to go for a PET scan we were so much in a cloud with little to no information my ex husband did start to ask questions and he spoke to him as if we were stupid, everything went so fast.
    I had a radical hysterectomy and when I went home was given vicodine for pain so I knew some pain was expected but I was in awful unbearable pain, I had a fever and I kept vomiting for two weeks my mom, my ex husband and myself called my oncologist office complaining about my symptoms and the nurse just kept telling us that I needed to get up and move around and called in prescriptions twice for constipation I couldn\^t even walk to the bathroom without a walker or someones help. I believed the doctor and thought maybe I was just really constipated and if I could just try to move around a little it would get better but the pain was unbearable most times I debated just taking all the pills I had it had been two weeks with constant pain. One night around midnight I went to go to the bathroom and I smelled something awful and looked down and there was brown liquid dripping on my foot, my incision opened up so my boyfriend called the doctor and he said my boyfriend could bring my in his office tomorrow morning or bring me to the hospital now, I didn\^t want to go to the hospital because the car ride was going to be painful but I couldn\^t imagine having a huge hole opened in my stomach with awful smelling stuff pouring out so off to the ER we went they collected the remainder of the liquid and said I was infected inside so was admitted and had a sponge inserted in my stomach hooked to a machine to get rid of the infection before being able to be closed back up I had a nurse come to my home every other day to change the sponge and that was the worst the tissue begins to grow around the sponge and when they take it out it is painful.
    I was stupid, I had never known anyone that had had a hysterectomy so I didn\^t know what to expect, I believe if the doctor would of just seen me on my many calls to him about my pain, fever and vomiting rather than tell me to get up and move around and take the constipation med. he would of saw that I was infected but instead of having the devasting news of having cancer then having surgery and working on recovery I laid in my bed for literally a month without being able to move around in awful pain that didn\^t seem like it was ever going to end, without being able to have my kids here with me because I was unable to take care of them.
    It has been 1 year and 8 months. And I know how important for the first five years to follow up to make sure everything is ok but my anger got the best of me. A month ago I was passing kidney stones and the ER did a CT scan and noticed cysts in my ovary so when I had a stent placed in my uterer the urologist said before he would remove it he wanted me to get my ovary checked so I went to a WONDERFUL gyn doctor, Dr. Wylie in Fort Worth, she explained things to me so clear she told me and showed me on a model what a radical hysterectomy included and why it was still important to get pap smears every six months even if there is no more cervix. When she asked what stage I was diagnosed with I had no idea so she requested my records from the oncologist and sent me for an ultrasound and a CT scan and she said we would come back together and review more about what my records said and what the results were from my tests so when we got back together she said for some reason she was unable to get my records but my results were good the cysts were normal and my CT scan was fine and my pap was normal she said she would contact a gyn oncologist and review my case with him and see if I could continue to see her rather than going to an oncologist she called me back and said he said that would be fine but he said that with my CT scan report stated that I had lymph nodes in an area that was suppose to be removed while having my surgery or something like that but she said the radiologist maybe just wrote the report wrong but said the oncologist wanted me to have a PET scan just to be sure and I\^ll be having that on Thursday but I am confident it is OK.
    When I first got the news everything went so fast no time to research and when I wanted to time to talk to my kids and let it settle in within myself the oncologist talked to me as if I was ignorant and expressed that this was serious and we didn\^t have time to sit around I just thought he didn\^t have a bed side manner and even when I sat in the bed in pain while they treated me like I was bothering them calling every other day complaining about my pain, fever and vomiting I still believed that they knew what they were doing, I WAS WRONG!!!
    Choose a doctor carefully, and give yourself time to get all the information and fully understand what is going on with you and what steps you have to take but make sure they are willing to take the time to explain it where you understand and are willing to answer any questions you have.
  • 01-26 -2009
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