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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am still in a stage of shock, and investigating how this type of cancer sneaks into our life and how to overcome and not be devistated by its course. After entering into a relationship I had bleeding during intercourse, I went to my obgyn, he treated me for infection and did a cone biopsy,

    A month later he contacted me and said I dysplasia and turning 40 it would be a convenient time for hysterectomy

    No Worries, I asked if it meant cancer he said NO. Just after many yrs could lead to cancer. 6 weeks later I had a partial hysterectomy I requested he take my ovaries and more biopsy results. He only removed cervix and did not check my ovaries. He announced to my family after surgery, No Cancer, she will be just fine. 10 days later pathology came back with squamous cell cancer found through out all tissue samples sent to lab. He called me with an apology and referral. Its been 4 weeks since then, I just had my ovaries and upper half of my vagina removed along with lining of bladder and aortic and pelvic disection of lymphnodes which show invasive cancer.Get checked by oncologist for women^s medicine. DON^T WAIT
  • 01-18 -2009
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