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  • I am 28 years old and after many years of battling disabling endometriosis, my 28th birthday brought news of my first abnormal pap smear. It presented high risk HPV with ASC-H. I hesitated to go in for the colopscopy, but did so about 3 weeks later. I work in the medical field and have for 10 years, so I knew the odds were not unfavorable. To my surprise, the results were CIN 1 with Acute and Chronic cervicitis. My doctor did not share these results with me, as they read, he simply said it was LGSIL. My doctor requested repeat pap smears at 3 month intervals until the conditions resolved themselves or until an unfavorable result returned. I have had 2 paps since; one ASCUS and the most recent ASCUS cannot exclude LGSIL. I have been spotting for more than a week and I have been having discomfort that is extremely unusual for me. I have requested a more aggressive approach, such as a repeat biopsy, but he feels that there is no need for any unnecessary procedures. I am horrified as I am 28 with no children and I fear that complacency will yield negative outcomes. I am truly scared of cervical cancer and I cannot seem to get passed this. I have sought a second opinion and am awaiting the appointment. While I trust my provider and have been with him for many years, I feel that I must take a more aggressive approach to ensuring that I do not progress further. Does anyone have any advice for me?
  • 01-10 -2009
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