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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Hi this is me again i wanted to leave another post since i havent left one since aug 2008 . well the good thing is i am still clear of cancer right now and each day i thankgod . i am leaving another post because what i didnt mention to you ladies was that i didnt go for a smear and was very very stupid . i am so so lucky but because i was stupid had to have radition/ chemo and also the internal radition .. i just wanna say to anyone in doubt thats reading this IF YOU HAVENT HAD A SMEAR PLS PLS PLS DONT DELAY ANY LONGER AND GO GET THE TEST .. IT REALLY DOES SAVE LIVES .. i thankgod i am here today and cancer free .. of course im always going to worry because since this cervical cancer my life has changed and always worry with every little tiny pain and ache that it\^s back but thats something i am dealing with right now and i hope in time it gets better . i believe so from what my doctor says to me .. this site is so wonderful all you ladies have helped me so much from when i was told i have cervical cancer .. through having my treatment ... and even now moving on with my life enjoying every single day with my children . god bless you all and remember DONT DELAY CERVICAL SMEARS IF YOU HAVENT HAD ONE !! takecare x
  • 01-10 -2009
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