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  • I am on the verge of complete despair and hope that someone out there knows of a treatment that has better results than 6-8 months.

    I have just been told I have a 3rd recurrence of metastatic cervical cancer - a rectal mass.

    18 months ago I had chemo (cisplatnum) and radiation which destroyed the tumor. The side effects have been brutal: I needed a colostomy and reconstruction of my urinary tract. I have painful radiation cystitis and neuropathy. The past 2 months I was beginning to feel good and start to think about my future. Then WHAM! a CT scan found a new mass.

    I am seeking treatment at a National Cancer Institute, Moffitt, in Tampa. We are still doing tests to determine the scope of this tumor and a treatment plan. But from what I read, the prognosis doesn^t seem worth the treatment.

    Does anyone know what facility is most involved in advanced cervical cancer? I want to seek treatment or at least a consult from whoever is doing the most currrent research.

    There is a lot more to my story: diagnosed at 20, had a hysterectomy at 27; 20 good years and then a vaginal recurrence, and surgery; 6 years later a 2nd recurrence involving my bladder and colon, and now just a few months later, the insidious disease strikes again.

    One word ladies - vigilence. Do not let your guard down and treat the beast aggresively. Good Luck.

    If anyone knows of a facility or physician that can help me, please respond. My time is short. Thank you.
  • 12-27 -2008
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