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  • To answer your question about how cervical and vaginal cancers can be related. It is typically caused by the same HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. It is also treated the same way once diagnosed. There is a very close relationship. I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia 20 yrs ago, it is quite possible, as it was explained to me that during the conization a stray cell landed in the upper part of my vagina. Given the time frame that it takes typically 20 yrs for vaginal cancer to develop it fits. You can also have what is called VAIN and VIN which are vaginal dysplasia and vulvar dysplasia. These are caused by the HPV virus. Women who have a history of HPV related cervical issues are at rise (but very rare), and women who have had hysterectomies, use pessaries, or whos mothers used DES (this wouldn\^t be the type of cancer caused by HPV though, this would be clear cell or adeno cancers). So even if a woman has had a hysterectomy it is imperative she continue with annual PAPs, I don\^t care what the dr says, the oncologist says she should still receive these annual tests.I hope this answered your question somewhat. So yes, those having been treated for CIN III may be a greater risk than a woman who has never had CIN III. It is just best to stay on top of those annual exams especially if you have a history.
  • 12-23 -2008
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