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  • hi my name is tammi. my story is that i was 32 years old when i was diagnosed with cervical cancer. but there was a twist to it. i was 5 months pregnant.i was vary scared. but i didnt give up on myself or the baby. i was shocked as you can understand. i had a pap smear at the beginning of my pregnancy that said i was fine. and about the third month of my pregnany the doctor says i think i see something but im not sure. so she took another pap smear. it came back positive for what she thought was cancer. but she didnt know how long i had it. i took 2 months of chemo therapy with being pregnant. but about the 7 month of my pregnancy i stopped eating or they rushed me in for a c-section. madison was born on january 30,2006 at 8:39 am. she was in the hospital weighing only 1lb 7ozs. and alittle fighter. she is now gong on two and she weighs more then 35pds. she is my miracle baby and my fighter. after she was born i had a emergance rdical histerectomy of the right side. no more bladder and half a lung but im alive and kicking to tell my story. i have been cancer free now for two years and god bless for my husband and my family for being there.
  • 12-02 -2008
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