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  • My name is Jennifer and I am a 32 year old cervical cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in July of 2008 after my annual exam came back with something unclear. After many years of good pap tests this was a big shock to me. When I heard the words that I had precancerous cells I freaked. I followed up with a colposcopy then coinization and learned it was indeed stage 1. Just this November I had a hysterectomy and removed the cancer. So far I am clear. Now I just need to get through the recovery of the hysterectomy and get control of my life back so I can move on. I am sad that I can not have children with my husband but happy that this disease was caught early and I am hear today that early detection does save lives. I am now one of them.
    Today I am thankful that it was caught early and the American Cancer Societ provided me with information I needed to understand what this disease was and what I needed to do.
  • 12-01 -2008
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