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  • The whole story of my Mom started one week ago, she had this abnormal vaginal bleeding, she made D&C. Tissue biobsy was done for her. the result showed squamous cell carcinoma.
    an MRI diagnostic test showed that she is having cervical cancer stage 4A, the blader was affected. since that time we were trying to get her out to Egypt or any country that can treat her. in Gaza Strip there is no treatment for such advanced case of cervical cancer. even all of our tries to go uproad to treat her failed because there is a seig closure for the occupied terretories.We have to see my mom suffering every day. The point is you should be very grateful for having this treatment protocoles and technology in your country. I was and still trying to avoid a nervous breakdown. good luck for you all.Mariam
  • 11-29 -2008
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