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  • Hello - My name is Kathy. In October 2005 I went to a local doctor in Columbus, OH to find out why I was bleeding so badly. I was sleeping 12-14 hours a night and tired all the time. She decided to do a few test on me and I was to call her back in 3-4 days. I called back expecting to say I was peri-menapausal and nothing more. WRONG! She said cancer cells were detected and I needed to return IMMEDIATELY! Going back to her office was the longest drive ever. I arrived- she asked who was with me, when I told her no one - she said - all she needed was a few more test and suggested that I go to OSU Medical Center / James Caner and see an Oncologist. She made the appointment. Walking into his office after a physical. I was still in deniel. He then told me - I had Cervical Cancer Stage 3 and it was too late for surgery. I have undergone chemo, radiation and 4 brachy Rx treatments. I am still here. I know without a doubt - James Cancer is the best center in the US for this type of cancer. I am still here! Please pray for me - as I do everyone who posted on this board.
  • 11-03 -2008
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