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  • Well my story began after I had my second child and I had my first abnormal pap test...(2004) I was only 21 years old when I had my first Colposcopy done(Oct-2005) and the results were undetected/symptomatic in other words I had it but then again I didn\^t..In March of 2006, I underwent a follow-up pap test that showed low-grade squamous epitheilial lesions so in that amount of time it went from plain abnormal to lgsil; In July 2006 I had another one that showed high-grade epitheilial that time I was really starting to worry more..In September of 2007 I had another pap test that came back as high grade mild dysplasia what that meant I had no clue all but they were describing it as CIN I..Here it is almost 14 months later and I have been terrified to see what else could possibly show up until 3 days ago when I recieved a phone call telling me that my doctor was referring me to an oncologist. I am scared not only for myself alone; but for my kids as well..I need advice on what to expect and I need to know what it is that the doctor is trying to tell me..So please if anyone can answer this!
  • 10-28 -2008
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